Top 6 Homemade Sick-Day Dishes

I knew it was too good to be true. I’d made it through all of winter, or so I thought. I sensed it lurking in the background. What was lurking, you ask? That dreaded beast: the common cold. Today, I woke up with a fever and cold sweats. Nothing is worse than itchy eyes, a hot mouth, and an eternal runny nose. Real life time, guys. It is possible to stick to low-carb and maintain ketosis once you’re sick.

If you feel as bad as I feel, however, I suggest you bite the bullet and quit low-carb until your health is restored. I started low-carb  to live a healthier lifestyle and, right now, I’m not healthy. When sick, the body requires significantly more calories to function, which is why proper fueling is of the upmost importance. Translation: carbs and oranges.

Should you get sick (god forbid) and should choose to adhere to low-carb (as many do), just please make sure to pop Vitamin C tablets, continue to take my suggested supplements a few blogs back, and drink TONS of water.

Here are some alternative low-carb sick-day dishes that should bring you back to life. Note the heavy emphasis on liquids.






  • Hot green tea with lemon

God speed, y’all. If you haven’t yet, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Now excuse me while I creep back into my death bed and sleep for days. Quack.

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